The Jamaica Inn Foundation

The Jamaica Inn Foundation is a non-profit organization providing education and wellbeing support to our island youth and aiding with the ongoing preservation of our marine environs.

Giving back to Jamaica's community

Community outreach

The Jamaica Inn Foundation helps support Debate Mate, the Oracabessa Bay Turtle Project and the White River Fish Sanctuary Project.

How you can help

If you would like to help us improve the lives of others, please contact to provide credit card details, or you may mail a check to the following address:

The Jamaica Inn Foundation
P.O. Box 1, Main Street
Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Jamaica, West Indies

Stay up-to-date on Foundation projects

All donations and projects related to The Jamaica Inn Foundation are announced on our blog and The Foundation's Facebook page.

White River Fish Sanctuary

Since the 1970s, a combination of causes due to severe weather events, over fishing and sea urchin disease has led to an 85% reduction in coral coverage in the waters outside of Ocho Rios. In addition, there has been a decrease in the size and quantity of fish by 600%.

In 2016, fishermen turned to Jamaica Inn for help. After two years and lots of hard work, we are pleased to announce the White River Fish Sanctuary is now in operation, largely funded and facilitated by the Jamaica Inn Foundation, partnering stakeholders and local wardens. These wardens monitor the coast to prevent over fishing, are trained to communicate with violators and are part of a 5-year coral restoration program.

While Jamaica Inn arranges a few fundraising activities throughout the year, we need your help to raise US$20,000 in donations. This funding will provide salaries for the three full-time wardens for a year and would assist the sanctuary in its efforts to protect the marine life and achieve our overall objective of increasing the fish population by 500% in 5 years.

The Oracabessa Bay Turtle Project

Working to monitor and protect the endangered hawksbill sea turtles, The Oracabessa Bay Turtle Project's huge success has resulted in more than 100 nests and 16,000 hatchlings being recorded yearly.

Project supervisor Mr. Mel Tennant works with our hotel to record data of nest hatchlings. Many Jamaica Inn guests have witnessed the turtle hatchlings right here on our beach.

Debate Mate

Debate Mate is an international charity dedicated to improving social mobility using cost-effective, peer-to-peer debate mentoring.

Several local community schools participate and have found it to be a life-changing experience for students. Debate Mate molds students who, at the beginning of the program, cannot read or write, and by the end, are debating in competitions.

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