A timelessly elegant Jamaica resort

For more than 60 years, the Morrow family has taken extraordinary care of Jamaica Inn.

Our iconic small luxury hotel is as timeless today as it was in 1950. Travelers and celebrities seek our intimate Jamaica resort to escape busy lives and re-embrace your loved one and the simple joys of living.

Genuinely delighted in your company

As you enter through the gates, General Manager Kyle Mais will greet you warmly. Kingsley and the Bellmen will help settle you into your home away from home. And, our friendly staff will  sense your every need.

Pause, take in the sights, smells and sounds of our peaceful Jamaica resort. Let the sense of time lose its urgency.

Swim in the calm Caribbean Sea. Leisurely stroll around the impeccable grounds. Listen and see 30 species of tropical birds flitter from tree to tree.

There are only 55 Jamaica suites and cottages, adorned in crisp white and Wedgewood blue, set against a backdrop of green grass, vibrant flowers and glistening blue seas.

Always pleasant and never pretentious, you'll enjoy service and amenities you expect from an intimate Jamaica luxury hotel.

It is paradise. Pure and simple.

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