Traveling opens up the eyes and the mind allowing for the sampling of the very best in culture and rich history. Travel experiences are steeped in the vibrant food, art, music, history and general atmosphere of the countries people journey to. Its difficult not to fall in love with a country or place once you’ve… Read More

Our commitment to sustainability not only involves the efforts to maintain the White River Fish Sanctuary but includes fosters on going initiatives all throughout the hotel. This also includes the responsibility to spread environmental awareness in our local communities and with guests. We’ve made a pledge to increase marine life buy 500% in the next… Read More

  The History  Two and a half years ago, fishermen of all ages came to us for help from our community in Ocho Rios, their livelihoods threatened by an alarming drop in size and number of fish (↓600% since the 1950s). Two years and lots of hard work later, the White River Fish Sanctuary is… Read More