Hello friends of the Inn, We know you may be day dreaming of your favourite spa treatments from the Inn at this time. With you in mind, our team have carefully crafted a few easy do it yourself  spa treatments to try while you are at home. We know there’s nothing a little spa… Read More

  Hello friends of the Inn, We thought we’d share a recipe that will be sure to please the palette and remind you of a recent time with us. Chef Maurice gave us his recipe details for one of his favorite dishes on property, the Jamaica Inn Sublime. The Sublime is a spicy jerk chicken… Read More

In Remembrance of our Loving Teddy Tucker The Jamaica Inn Family continues to celebrate the life and legacy of our dearly beloved Herbert Tucker affectionately known as ‘Teddy” who was taken away from us on the early morning of March 2, 2020. Teddy has been the rock and foundation at the Inn for the past 62… Read More

Hello friends of the Inn, In the midst of uncertain times, we’d like you to know that we remain optimistic. Our service standards will be maintained and our commitment to our guests and staff remain our top priority. Kindly see below safety measures utilized on property to ensure the safety of our guests and team… Read More

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