Here at the Inn it’s all about teamwork . We’ve started a summer long wellness program that includes free gym membership, work out sessions and activities all specially crafted to encourage team members to live healthier lifestyles. The teams, the Shrinkers, Trendsetters, Cheetahs, Transformers and Energizers are already off to a great start with team… Read More

Hello friends of the Inn! In honour of yoga month we’d like to give you some insight about our very own instructors here at the Inn. We offer complimentary classes every Thursday and Sunday morning at 8:00 am held at the bungalow pavillion. Interested guests can sign up with the front desk to attend. Meet… Read More

Hello friends! Today we’d like to share a fan favorite here at the Inn. Chef Maurice’s highly recommended cheesecake. Coffee Cheese Cake 1 1/2 lb cream cheese 12 oz granulated sugar 2 oz cornstarch 2 tsp Instant coffee 5 eggs 2 egg yolk 3 oz heavy cream 1.4 cup Tia Maria licquer Method Cream the… Read More

Want to know the real history behind the iconic Bond cocktail saying “shaken and not stirred”? In 1962 Dr. No served James Bond a martini with the line “A medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred.” Movie lovers absorbed the words and instantly the elegant words “shaken not stirred” became a drink dogma the world… Read More

Join us for this year’s fundraising Backgammon Tournament event! The Jamaica Inn Foundation presents its annual Backgammon Fundraising Tournament. This weekend event is slated to occur on property October 4th – 6th, 2019. Both in-house and outside guests are welcome to register for this very special fund raiser. All proceeds will go towards the Jamaica Inn… Read More