As we close the curtains on 2016 and welcome all that the New Year brings, we can’t help but reminisce on all that the past year has brought us. Enjoy this short video with popular scenes from the Inn over 2016. Comment below with your favorites and we hope to welcome you to our slice… Read More

Hello friends, We’d like to share with you a traditional Jamaican Christmas dessert. The Jamaican Christmas cake often known as Black Cake is a fan favorite and is made from scratch here at the Inn. Jamaican Christmas Cake is known for its rich flavors of rum soaked fruits and spices and is offered during the Christmas season and is usually… Read More

Christmas is a very special time for Jamaicans, known for family, multiple delicious Jamaican food dishes, laughter, games and other festivities. Its a special time of year for people worldwide but in Jamaica one of the most integral parts of the holiday season is the food! Cooking traditions for each family varies but the majority usually… Read More

Jamaica’s rich culinary history extends itself to our varied and flavorful rum styles such as dark, red and white, each with their own unique characteristics. The Island boasts many well-known rum distilleries including Appleton, Myers, and Worthy Park, just to name a few. Jamaica rum production originated with sugar planters in the 17th century who… Read More

Hello friends at the Inn! We have a new virtual tour of one of the most popular cottages on property, Cottage 3. Cottage 3 is one of three 1 bedroom cottage suites on property and its a top favorite of many of our guests. Cottage 3 is nestled in between Cottages 2 and 4 and… Read More

Hello friends, We’d like to share with you some exciting news on some of our Foundation efforts and support. For those of you who may not already know, the Jamaica Inn Foundation was set  up a few years ago as a non-profit organisation to provide support to our local community. The foundation functions to facilitate the education and… Read More