Recipe: Ackee and Saltfish, Jamaica’s National Dish

When visiting Jamaica, one of the must-try dishes is our national dish, Ackee and Saltfish. It is the most popular among our guests and is available as part of the taste of Jamaica dish during breakfast on Tuesdays and Fridays.

What is Ackee?
Ackee is a pear-shaped fruit that is found in warm climates. As the ackee fruit ripens, it turns from green …

An affordable luxury yoga retreat

The trend in wellness travel remains popular, and at Jamaica Inn you can experience a luxury yoga retreat this September with great savings.
Sherman’s Travel Blog features our luxury yoga retreat as a must for your fall to-do list.
Taking a vacation in Jamaica doesn’t necessarily mean napping in the sun for a week. Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more vacations …

Morrow family history

It has been 65 years since Mr. Frank Morrow first landed on the beautiful island of Jamaica and immediately fell in love with it.
The first hotel
In 1948, the Morrow brothers ventured to the island to investigate entrepreneurial opportunities in the tourism industry which at that time was just starting to make headway in Jamaica. The glam Hollywood set had recently …

Recipe: Sautéed Callaloo with Fried Breadfruit and Plantain

Chef Maurice recently delighted us with a lovely vegetarian menu of lightly sautéed callaloo and fried breadfruit. It’s so delicious that we want to share the recipe with you. Plus, modifications to this Jamaican-style dish are easy.
Although the breadfruit used in the dish was grown in Jamaica, you can use crusty French bread if you don’t have breadfruit in your area. And, the callaloo …

Experience the Ultimate in Luxury Vacations in Jamaica

Discerning travelers will be interested in Jamaica Inn’s new one-of-a-kind, over-the-top, ultimate in luxury Jamaica vacation package.
Travel in style on a private jet, visit exclusive sites in Jamaica that the typical tourist doesn’t see and truly relax with the services of a personal butler. Book our Ultimate in Luxury vacation package and you and a loved one will be on your …

“Room with a View” Photo Contest Winners

In April, we announced the topic for our 2014 photo contest as “Room with a View.” We received so many great photos from guests over the past two months, but are pleased to announce the winners:
First place winner
Justin and Xenia Morgan – a free 3-night stay

Second place winner
Kimberly & Christopher – two Jamaica Inn hats and polo shirts

2015 Contest
We will be announcing …